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Quarantine Graduation SALE

Pretty layout to do for those few photos you have from graduation during covid.  Easy to do

Pink Oval SALE

Different type of layout in this one you will be wrapping paper around oval shapes to make a

pretty look. Easy to do

Home Schooling SALE

This an easy layout to do for all your kids home schooling during Covid

Beach Bum 1 SALE

Fun layout to use for all your beach or vacation photos. Lots of paper embellishments included


Visting The Wolves SALE

This layout came out great love the colors. You can

change the words if you want it to just say Visting

Wolves or make your own if you have a cricut or leave

the words off. Easy to do

2021 Quarantine Graduation SALE

Graduation layout for all the covid times we went thru. Easy to do

Quarantine Birthday SALE

Not the way we wanted to spend our birthday this year

but hopefully this is the only time in our life we are under covid and quarantine. Easy to do



Let It Snow SALE

Love this layout. Add a large photo on the left page for a fun look. Lots of bling in this layout.Very easy to do

Sail Into Summer SALE

Fun sailing layout to use for all your boating photos. Easy layout to do

Beach Bum 2 SALE

Love this layout. This layout is great for your beach

photos or vacations photos. Real netting is used and

burlap to make this layout look great

Covid 2020 SALE

Once in a lifetime event we will go thru and be sure to document

it with this layout. Nice bright colors and easy to do

Ugly Sweater Party New 2019 SALE

Fun layout for your ugly sweater party photos. Add inking and 3d pop dots and this layout will look

great. Easy to do

I/We Got Vaccinated SALE

This layout you can choose to put I got vaccinated or we got vaccinated both ways are included in the kit. Easy to do

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