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I Love My Dog New 1-2024_edited.jpg

I Love My Dog NEW

Cute dog layout for all your photos lots of paper 

embellishments included to make it look great

Easy to do

Best Friends Bark

Nice layout for all your dog/dogs photos. 3 layer mats make this layout look great. Easy to do


My Best Friend Rosie

Great dog layout for your dog or dogs photos really cute when do. Lots of inking and 3D pop dotting in this layout.


Easy to do


Santa Paws

Adorable holiday page kit for all your doggies. It is adorable when done add inking, 3D pop dots 3 layered mats to make this look so cute. Easy to do

Our New Puppy

Adorable page kits for those new puppy photos.  Easy to do

My Best Friend Hydrant

Cute layout for all your doggy photos. Easy to do and a lot of it is pop dotted to look 3 dimensional

I Love My Dog

Really cute layout to put all your dogs photos. Easy to do

My Spoiled Dogs 7-2024 REDO_edited.jpg

My Spoiled Dogs

Cute layout for all your puppy or dog photos. Don't have more than 1 dog just take off the "s" and you can still use this layout. Easy to do

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